Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mike Ditka: Unintentional Obama Trailblazer?

Perhaps this article takes the butterfly effect a little beyond its logical extent, but anything that can connect Mike Ditka to the election of Barak Obama can't be too bad.

Here's the argument: After Republican Jack Ryan dropped out of the Illinois Senate race Obama had a clear path to the seat...until Mike Ditka began dabbling with the idea of running for the Republicans against Obama. Democratic strategists found the "prospect of a young politician with a weird name running against one of the state's greatest sports legends somewhat daunting."

"So, to raise Obama's visibility, they grant him the great privilege of addressing the 2004 Democratic National Convention in prime time. Ironically, Ditka announces he will not enter the race shortly before the convention. But Obama's name is already carved in stone on the schedule."

"Almost 10 million Americans watch Obama deliver a riveting speech that changes his life and American politics."

Whether or not this tenuous argument holds any water I've got to admit that I couldn't have passed up the chance to do a "Ditka for Senate" T-shirt even though it's not particularly retro.

Either way, judging from this picture it looks like Mike's enjoying his retirement without having the burden of a Senate seat weighing him down.

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